Quality and

At SandsActive we are dedicated towards developing our quality systems across sampling, testing, production, packaging and delivery and we follow stringent international guidelines to ensure that consumers receive products of the highest quality standards.


SandsActive's in house Quality Control team of 20+ members work tirelessly to ensure that products meet the highest international and local standards consistently through the pre-production, production and delivery stages.

Their state of the art facility follows the current WHO Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and regulations surrounding the utilities, facilities, machinery and people involved in the production of drugs. They also use sophisticated technologies and high end industry instruments all of which follow the WHO and USDFA guidelines. They also produce reports based on their control checks which are released to the market, creating an atmosphere of transparency and trust with the consumer community.

SandsActive is yet to receive NMRA (SL authority) certification and are currently directed towards obtaining international certifications such as the WHO certification.

Innovative Practices

Innovation is imperative for SandsActive as a dynamic young venture with futuristic ambitions and unmatched standards for providing high quality, cost efficient healthcare products. From innovating processes to extensive research based models, innovation takes place all divisions of this organization through extensive Research and Development.

WHO Guidelines

WHO statements are intended to assist end-users in making informed decisions about if, when, and how to carry out certain actions such as therapeutic interventions, diagnostic tests, or public health policies in order to achieve the greatest possible individual or group health outcomes. The Guidelines Review Committee ensures that WHO guidelines are methodologically sound and developed through an open, evidence-based decision-making process. Every published guideline goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to guarantee that it is trustworthy, impactful, and satisfies the highest international standards.

USFDA Guidelines

United State Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) provides sterile and non-sterile pharmaceutical guidelines for industries. FDA updates guidelines from time to time for industries. All the FDA approved plants have to follow these FDA guidelines throughout the world.

Technological Innovation

Technological innovation is imperative to our core business model and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. We are constantly updating our processes and utilizing the latest technology in the global market for our manufacturing, packaging and strategizing purposes. Our state of the art factory also employs today’s most sophisticated technology to provide cutting edge manufacturing capabilities and high-end industry tools and instruments.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team works together with the Quality Control team to ensure that the finished products are upto mark with international standards.

Quality Control

We aim to ensure that the ultimate product is of the highest quality and this care extends to the status and delivery of finished goods which are executed in accordance with delivery standards.

Our products and processes follow the WHO and USDFA guidelines and receive the NMRA (SL authority) certification. Our dedication to maintaining quality does not end there.

and Development


R&D is integral to the business model of SandsActive beginning from the pre-production stage. From identifying market demands to understanding product and client requirements and innovating effective new procedures, R&D is an essential component of the work we do. We are regulated via submissions to the Sri Lankan Regulatory Authority; NMRA and GMPs (good manufacturing practices) in addition to SPMC and UGMC standards regulations. Literature and project analyses are also responsible under this department in addition to post production dealing with stabilizing the product, safe packaging and delivery. Their efforts have led to the introduction of Induction packing along with the common Aluminum packing (cold formable packing) for the first time in Sri Lanka with the support and approval of SPMC due to its high sustainability.


Analytical Development Laboratory

Our modern engineering division employs state of the art internationally and locally acclaimed machinery in the industry in order to produce pharmaceutical products of superior quality . Our engineering team works hard to ensure that the finished product is safe and of the accepted standards and we work with our customers and patients at the focal point of our efforts.

In addition to our high quality, user-friendly machinery, we also ensure that the same level of standards is followed when selecting raw materials and the environment of the facility. We execute thorough and routine checks on the quality of all our drugs, raw materials and dispatch containers, ensuring that our end to end processes all maintain stringent health and quality


Our Microbiology unity is a passionate growing team providing production, quality, bacterium endotoxin testing, in addition to several other investigatory and research-based requirements to ensure that our end products are of the highest standards and are safe for consumption.

Our team employs the latest technology to also provide comprehensive quality data and timely and effective solutions in line with contemporary industry practices and new developments.