Next Gen

About us

We are a young, new, private limited pharmaceutical manufacturing company that was established in 2018 as a subsidiary of melwa.

At Sands Active, we aim to provide high-quality medicine at cost-efficient price points to Sri Lankan consumers. We are currently working with the State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation (SPMC) to realize our goal to make healthcare products accessible and cost-efficient towards the community.

Our products are based on our dedication towards research-based and technologically innovative approaches that allows us to explore the latest technology. At present, our facility manufactures Cephalosporin in injectable and general oral solid dosage forms in addition to liquid syrups and small-volume parenteral solutions (SVPs). Our plans to expand our product lines are combined with cutting edge manufacturing strategies to enhance and continually develop the market standards. .

Our Objectives

At SandsActive we are on a mission to shape Sri Lanka’s health care and enrich the lives of the people. Our goal is to provide high quality yet affordable healthcare products to benefit everyone. But providing the best is not enough. Our company also prides itself in the relationships we have nurtured with healthcare centres and workers across the industry and honesty and integrity are at the heart of our customer interactions.

At SandsActive , we are continually looking to the future and rely on our curiosity and thirst towards research and innovation as we grow and evolve our range of products to meet diverse healthcare needs.


Shape up the country’s health care, enriching lives of Sri Lankan people


Aim to become a major contender in the local and global pharmaceutical market

Aim to become the No. 1 international pharmaceutical company in the next 10 years

To become a major contender in the local and global pharmaceutical market



Partners and Clients

At SandsActive we believe in our fulfilling our responsibility towards society and the local community. We value and nurture out relationships with our Partners, Clients and other healthcare centers and workers so that we can serve our consumers better.


Work Culture

The right workplace can have a lasting impact on the way you develop as an individual and an employee. At SandsActive , people are at the heart of what we do and at the core of our vision as a company- to shape the Sri Lanka’s healthcare and enrich the lives of the people. Our organization operates with a corporate workplace ethos with a passion for innovation and futuristic thing.

Work with us

Do you want your work to help people live stronger, longer, active lives? Join us for the opportunity to channel your talent, skill and passion for serving society and bettering our healthcare. Scroll through our job postings to find the right opportunity for you.

Research and Development

Knowledge and learning is vital our work in pharmaceutical product development and we are always looking for new and innovating methods and products to benefit people and enhance their wellbeing. Our growing Research and Development team ensures that all aspects of the manufacturing and packaging are based on in house research. All our products are based on extensive market research and analysis prior to release and we also carry out project analysis and literature analysis. We carry out regulatory authority submissions with the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) Sri Lanka and follow Good Manufacturing Practices.


At SandsActive , technological innovation is imperative to our core business model and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. We are constantly updating out processes and utilize the latest technology in the global market for our manufacturing, packaging and strategizing purposes. Our state of the art factory also employs today’s most sophisticated technology to provide cutting edge manufacturing capabilities and high end industry tools and instruments.


Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance teams work tirelessly to analyze all aspects of our work processes including the sampling, testing, production and checking stages in addition to the finished goods.

We aim to ensure that the ultimate product is of the highest quality and this care extends to the status and delivery of finished goods which are executed in accordance with delivery standards. our products and processes follow the WHO and USDFA guidelines and receive the NMRA (SL authority) certification. Our dedication to maintaining quality does not end there. This promise towards high-quality products does not exclude the consumer experience and transparency of information and building a trusted image among our customers is important to us. As such, all our Quality Control reports are released by our Quality Assurance teams into the market.