Product Category: Medicinal Products


Neurological drugs are commonly prescribed to manage issues that primarily affect cognitive function, the brain and nervous system. Some common diseases include Alzheimers, Dementia and Epilepsy.


Respiratory drugs target ailments that affect the lungs, the windpipe, larynx and any other organs that are concerned with the body’s intake and outtake of air.


Antihypertensive are a class of drug that are used to treat hypertension (High blood pressure) and prevent complications such as heart attack, strokes and arrhythmias that may arise due to hypertension.

Anti Viral

AntiViral drugs focus primarily on treating infectious diseases caused by viruses, which may include the common cold, sores and warts and life-threatening illness such as autoimmune disorders HIV/AIDS, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and viral hepatitis.


Antidiabetic agents refer to medicines involved in the treatment of diabetes, these drugs aim to reduce blood sugar levels to acceptable levels and relieve symptoms of diabetes. These drugs also help prevent nephropathy (kidney disease) and retinopathy (eye disease)


We also focus on surgical equipment, masks, disposal gowns, clean room autoclavable and other medically adjacent accessories.